Best Macworld rumor: Skinny Macbook Air

Wired says it learned from an Apple insider that Steve Jobs will reveal a new ultraportable that's "unbelievably thin."

Andy Smith

Update: Rumor confirmed! Read CNET News.com reporter Tom Krazit's liveblog here.

Probably the best kept secret in the tech world is the content of Steve Jobs' speech at Macworld. With so many rumors around, some of them might actually be true. Wired received this tip from an Apple insider--there will be a new ultraportable called MacBook Air. It's supposed to be very skinny and shaped like a tear when closed, thicker at the top and tapering to the bottom. This fits this year's Macworld slogan: "There's something in the air." But then again, so does a wireless MacBook.

Read the full story on Wired: "Apple insider leaks ultraportable details".