Best iPad 3 cases and covers

Looking for a new case or cover for the third-generation iPad? Here are CNET's top picks.

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David Carnoy
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STM's excellent Grip case is slim yet functional. STM

The new iPad -- or the iPad 3, as I incorrectly like to call it -- has been out for a while, but the new cases keep on coming.

If you've already seen an older version of this list, I apologize, but the good news is that it's been updated.

As most people know, Apple barely changed the design of the third-generation iPad and a lot of existing iPad 2 cases fit the iPad 3. While a few of those iPad 2 models are represented in this round of top cases and covers, I did my best to include plenty of new models, as many accessory makers have refreshed their lines in the last few months.

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Best iPad 3 cases and covers (photos)

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A few notes. First, the majority of iPad cases shown here are compatible with the iPad 2 (the iPad 2 is a millimeter or so thinner). Second, while Apple's Smart Cover also works just fine with the new iPad, I've avoided including any back-only covers that are designed to be paired with the Smart Cover. Several companies, including Speck, Belkin, Incipio, STM, and Joy Factory, make nice, slim back-only covers, and they're all fairly similar. My suggestion: get one that has a piece of metal on the back so the Smart Cover magnetically adheres to it when you have it folded back from the screen.

Of course, this roundup only represents a fraction of the cases available for the new iPad. If you think we missed a good cover -- or just have a favorite among the ones shown -- feel free to post a comment. I'll continue to update this list until, well, the iPad 4 comes out.

Editors' note: This was originally published March 12, 2012, and was updated August 3, with five new cases from Boxwave, Moshi, Sena (two cases), and Xhibt.