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BenQ's Joybee GP2 mini projector gets cozy with iPhone

BenQ will be showing off its new Joybee GP2 mini projector, which integrates an iPhone/iPod dock, at CES 2012.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
The new BenQ Joybee GP2 mini projector sports HD resolution. BenQ

BenQ's Joybee GP2 LED mini projector looks a lot like its predecessor, the GP1, but there are a couple of big enhancements.

For starters, while the housing's the same, the $549.99 GP2 integrates an iPhone/iPod dock, which is a big deal. It also features 1,280x800-pixel (WXGA) resolution and native support for 720p video.


BenQ also says that it has improved the interface and now offers an optional battery pack that will power the unit for 3 hours at half brightness (100 lumens) or 1 hour at full brightness. Two built-in 2-watt speakers deliver sound, and a remote and carrying case are included.

You can also buy an optional battery to make the Joybee GP2 truly portable. BenQ

As far as memory goes, there's 2GB of onboard memory, and like its predecessor, the projector can read several different file types stored in internal memory or on a thumbdrive or SD card. (See full specs here).

The GP2 was scheduled to ship in December, but right now it's listed as out of stock on BenQ's Web site so it's unclear whether it actually shipped. We'll be checking it out at CES and will let you know if it's really worth $550.