BackWeb backs Microsoft

Push software maker BackWeb extends its client support for Microsoft's Outlook email client and Internet Explorer 4.0.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Push software maker BackWeb has extended its client support for Microsoft's desktop software.

The company said it has launched a client for Microsoft's Outlook email client and scheduling software, and has reworked an existing client for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Web browser. The client software communicates with BackWeb's server component to display broadcasted data.

The new client software can be used in the place of BackWeb's Infocenter client application, minimizing the number of active applications that users need to maintain on their desktops.

BackWeb's server pulls information from private or public databases and broadcasts it as a series of Web pages to specified PC desktops. The software can automatically gather information from multiple sources within a company and organize it for distribution to various channels.

Channels can be configured to gather data from a company's Web sites, newsgroups, files on a network server, or from within applications or internal databases. Such information then can be delivered to customized "work groups" or to individual users.

For example, a bank could create channels to push daily home interest rates to one department and customers' checking account balances to another--all automatically.

BackWeb said the new client software is available now. Pricing was not announced, but companies that license Infocenter are eligible to receive the new client software at no additional charge.

NEWS.COM's Courtney Macavinta contributed to this report.