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At ISSCC, the circuit set makes connections

As chip engineers gather in San Francisco, Intel shows off its teraflop chops, and AMD talks pricing pressure and power consumption.

As chip engineers gather at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, Intel shows off its teraflop chops, and Advanced Micro Devices talks pricing pressure and power consumption.

More memory coming to future IBM chips

Big Blue comes up with a way to cram more memory directly onto its processors, boosting performance starting in 2008.
February 13, 2007

IBM's Power6: Bigger iron, lower power

IBM's new chip works in 64-processor servers and contains features to let users cap system power consumption.
February 12, 2007

blog Sun Microsystems' forthcoming Niagara 2 processor will run at a core clock frequency of 1.4GHz, one of the processor's engineers said Monday.
February 12, 2007

blog Morris Chang outlined the high costs and dicey returns that now face chipmakers.
February 12, 2007

Intel shows off 80-core processor

The chip unveiled at IDF works, but there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before an 80-core chip shows up in a living room.
February 11, 2007

The 80-core processor is capable of producing 1 trillion floating-point operations per second.
February 11, 2007

AMD touts power consumption tech in quad core

Technology in Barcelona will let all four cores operate at different speeds, depending on their work loads, to curb power.
February 11, 2007

Prices fall on AMD desktop chips

Advanced Micro Devices has been facing profit pressure--but new chipmaking techniques are giving it more room to reduce prices.
February 11, 2007

blog Surpluses could mean lower prices on TVs and other products, says CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos.
February 9, 2007