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Asymetrix makes Java 50 times faster

Asymetrix is shipping new tools to speed execution of Java applets.

Just in time for this week's JavaOne developer conference in San Francisco, Asymetrix today announced a full lineup of new Java development tools, including a new technology that boosts execution speeds as much as 50 times.

A beta version of the SuperCede Virtual Machine, the headliner of Asymetrix's new suite of Net tools, is available from the company's Web site with a final version to follow in July.

It is designed to help Java applets perform on a par with C++ programs and compete head to head with a slew of new development tools, including Borland International's AppAccelerator just-in-time compiler recently adopted by Netscape Communications. Asymetrix says, however, that it is negotiating with 20 browser, hardware, OS, and Internet appliance vendors who are interested in licensing SuperCede and building it into their own products.

Asymetrix also introduced today:

--WebPublisher, a $79 tool aimed at users with little or no technical or graphic design experience who want to create Web sites with Java-powered graphics. WebPublisher is set to ship in late June.

--Toolbook II, a second-generation package of authoring, management and access tools that allow companies to custom-build and deploy their own distributed learning applications. The Toolbook II tools, all on track for delivery in July, include three separate authoring environments for beginners, intermediate and advanced developers that convert applications to HTML. The intermediate environment comes with a library of 250 Java applets. Toolbook II also includes a management system called Librarian built on the Java language; and Desktop, a preconfigured version of Netscape Navigator with multimedia plug-ins. The company plans to offer a version of Desktop with Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the third quarter of this year. All the Toolbook tools will be sold separately, but the company has not announced a full list of pricing.

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