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ASI tracks PC ownership costs

Asset Software International announces its software for tracking the cost of PCs will now work with Intel technology.

Brooke Crothers Former CNET contributor
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Brooke Crothers
Asset Software International (ASI) has announced that its software for tracking the cost of PCs will now work with Intel technology, providing information system managers a way to track their total costs of ownership.

ASI's AssetPRO now works with Intel's LANDesk Management Suite 2.5, providing a means for determining the total cost of ownership for PCs throughout their life span. Intel's LANDesk provides the foundation technology that allows software companies such as ASI to provide PC management software.

Total cost of ownership, commonly referred to as TCO, for a PC in a corporate environment can cost thousands of dollars per year above and beyond the purchase cost of the computer, according to recent studies.

AssetPRO records "cost events" in a relational database, creating a permanent physical and fiscal audit trail in which TCO can be determined, the company said.

"Once the source and timing of cost events is determined, organizations can begin to change their business process to reduce that ongoing cost," the company added.

AssetPRO includes software modules for electronic procurement, leasing, event management (HelpDesk), and PC Data Collection for network and standalone PCs and Macintosh computers.