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ASA cracks down on misleading broadband speed claims

New advertising standards aim to make advertised broadband speeds more accurately reflect what you'll really get.

The Adverting Standards Agency is touting a "major change" to advertised broadband speeds, to make sure that the speed that's promised is closer to the speed you'll get.

Speeds quoted in ads will now have to be based on the average speed that at least 50% of customers will be able to achieve during peak times. Previously, the speeds were based on what only 10% of customers could expect to see. 

The new standards, agreed upon in consultation with "over 200 ISPs, consumer groups, think tanks and Ofcom" also state that adverts need to include an "average" figure, rather than an "up to" figure. The advertised average will be measured at peak time. 

The standards will go into effect on 23 May next year. It applies to residential, rather than business broadband. 

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