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AppOmator offers a new way to build iPhone apps

Building an iPhone app is going to be much easier very soon. A Mac application called AppOmater will allow you to build custom iPhone apps with no coding experience.

Jim Dalrymple Special to CNET News
Jim Dalrymple has followed Apple and the Mac industry for the last 15 years, first as part of MacCentral and then in various positions at Macworld. Jim also writes about the professional audio market, examining the best ways to record music using a Macintosh. He is a member of the CNET Blog Network and is not an employee of CNET. He currently runs The Loop.
Jim Dalrymple

NonLinear Software used the music show of the National Association of Music Merchants in Anaheim, Calif., this week to unveil its newest product, AppOmator.


Among others, many individuals and companies in the music industry see opportunities in building their own additions to the 100,000 app-strong App Store. Creating an app that suits one's business goals or personal tastes, however, isn't necessarily easy. While some Web services provide templates to build an app, NonLinear's Mac desktop application lets users fully customize their app.

Using AppOmater, you can add custom graphics for the background and menu transitions, as well as the ability to create buttons in your app. You can link to tracks with audio, video, images, and chapter index markers, taking users to a specific place in a media file.

Once your app is complete, you upload it to the AppOmator Web site, where it is processed. At that point, you can pay to download it, then use your iPhone Developer Account to submit it to the App Store approval process. For a monthly fee, you also have the option to have AppOmator handle your end of the approval process for you.

AppOmator is expected to be released in early February. The app will be free to download, but there will be a charge to claim your finished iPhone app.