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Apple's newest store set for Melbourne's Federation Square

Apple is calling its new retail destination the "most significant store in the Southern Hemisphere." Guess that settles the Melbourne vs. Sydney debate.

The concept design for Apple's new store in Melbourne's Federation Square. 

Apple has revealed the location of its first global flagship store for the Southern Hemisphere, announcing plans to build in the heart of Melbourne's Federation Square.

The futuristic-looking "pavilion" will sit on the edge of the Yarra River, overlooking the public forecourt of Federation Square, home to live shows, concerts and public events.

Apple says the new store, will be the "most significant" in the Southern Hemisphere, and will "create a new destination where the community can gather, shop, be inspired, educated and entertained."

As for the design? The company's description of the new store points to plenty of on-brand minimalism:

Featuring the latest in Apple's retail design, the two level pavilion has a sculptural quality, with wrap-around glass and balconies for uninterrupted city views. Metal cladding and stone flooring complement the adjacent buildings and plaza, while outside the new landscaped areas bring increased greenery and places to relax, meet and access the Yarra River and beyond.

Apple Federation Square will also provide a destination for Melburnians and tourists to do their bit to contribute to the more than US $15 billion in revenue the company rakes in every year in the Asia Pacific region.

The construction of the store signals a shift for Apple in Australia. The company has long listed its George Street store in Sydney, which opened in 2008, as the flagship destination for Australians wanting to queue for iPhones or get the latest Mac. Now, with 22 dedicated Apple Stores across Australia, Sydney is set to lose that mantle.

Apple Federation Square will begin construction in mid-2019, eventually employing roughly 200 staff.

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