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Apple's new iPhone 5C cases face 1- to 2-week delay online

Apple's new case for the iPhone 5C is already back-ordered on the company's online store. New buyers face a one- to two-week wait to get one.


Online buyers of Apple's colorful new iPhones may have to go unprotected for the first week or so they have their device.

Apple's now showing a one- to two-week shipping delay on its own cases for the device for new buyers, notes GottaBeMobile.


The $29 accessory, which comes in six different colors, is the first such case from Apple in years of selling the iPhone. The company has gone with "bumpers" that wrap around the sides of the device since 2010's iPhone 4.

The accessory appears to be the only such product from Apple to face delays. New buyers of the iPhone 5C are still able to buy the phone and get it delivered on its September 20 launch date. The company's new dock is also showing unaffected ship times from when it first went on sale.

It's worth noting that the availability of Apple's products often differ substantially from what's at the company's retail stores. In last year's case, initial supply of Apple's Lightning connector cables -- which were new with the iPhone 5 -- sold out quickly online, but were widely available by the time the phone launched.