Apple's fourth-generation iPad sells out of initial supply

The company's tablet is now showing a ship date of one week for the Wi-Fi-only model.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
The fourth-generation iPad.
The fourth-generation iPad. CNET

Customers looking to buy the new fourth-generation iPad with Wi-Fi are going to have to wait a bit. Apple's site currently lists the Wi-Fi-only model as shipping in one week. The device is slated to hit store shelves on Friday for early purchasers.

Apple announced the fourth-generation iPad last week and started taking preorders on Friday. Customers who ordered before today will be able to get their devices as of the November 2 launch. New buyers will need to wait until next week, though Apple hasn't said until exactly when.

Apple's pages for the LTE-equipped iPad haven't changed and still show a "mid-November" ship date.

The fourth-generation iPad comes with the new A6X processor, which is expected to double the processing and graphical power of the third-generation slate Apple delivered earlier this year. There aren't other major changes.

The iPad Mini's initial supply ran out yesterday, and its availability was pushed back two weeks.

(Via Macrumors)