Apple's former retail chief ends lands at U.K. chain

Apple's former retail chief John Browett is back on his feet after reportedly being fired from the company last October.

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Josh Lowensohn
John Browett, Apple's former retail chief.
John Browett, Apple's former retail chief. Apple

Apple's unceremoniously departed retail chief John Browett has a new gig.

The former executive, who Apple said no longer worked for the company as of last October, has landed at U.K.-based retail chain Monsoon Accessorize.

In his new role as the chief executive, Browett will oversee more than 1,000 stores, The Financial Times reports (subscription required). That's more than twice the size of Apple's retail empire, which is currently at 400 stores.

In a statement Monsoon Accessorize founder Peter Simon said the company went through "an extensive search" to find a new CEO, leading up to the choice of Browett.

"John has the skills and experience needed to take Monsoon Accessorize to the next level," Simon said.

Apple originally hired Browett to replace Ron Johnson, who left to become CEO of JC Penney. Before Apple, Browett ran U.K.-based electronics retailer Dixons.

Apple is still on the hunt for a new retail chief to replace Browett, though the company has not let on to progress on that effort. In an interview earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook described Apple's stores as wildly important to its overall strategy.

"I'm not even sure 'store' is the right word anymore," Cook said in an interview at a Goldman Sachs event earlier this week. "They've taken on a role much broader than that. They are the face of Apple for almost all of our customers."