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Apple's 7-inch tablet will be named iPad Mini, says report

The iPad Mini will be the tablet's official moniker, claims Japanese blog site Macotakara.


Apple's much-rumored iPad Mini will in fact be called the iPad Mini.

At least, that's the latest from Apple blog site Macotakara. Citing info from an "Asian source," the Japanese site said the 7.85-inch tablet is expected to sport the familiar iPad logo on the back.

If true, this means that news reports and blogs speculating about the tiny tablet actually got the name right. Apple sometimes surprises its audience with its choice of names. Those of us expecting an iPad 3 earlier this year were treated simply to the iPad or the new iPad, perhaps not the ideal name but certainly unexpected.

The purported iPad Mini will pop up in October, according to a report in AllThingsD. Citing several unnamed sources, ATD's John Paczkowski said that Apple will host two separate product launches for its newest devices.

The iPhone 5 is expected to debut on September 12, ATD says, with actual sales to start September 21. Apple will then announce the new iPad the following month.

That report contradicts earlier rumors pointing to a single September 12 launch event for both the new iPhone and iPad Mini. But holding separate events would make sense as it gives both products their moment to shine.

Though the attention is on the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the iPod lineup may also be up for a refresh.

The iPod Nano will receive Wi-Fi connectivity and support for a cloud-based iTunes service, according to Macotakara's source. The next iPod Touch also sports a "mysterious hole" next to its iSight camera, which Macotakara speculates could be used for near-field communication, or NFC.