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Apple wins boatload of patents

Newly awarded patents include one related to Apple TV, one for 3D apps on the iPhone, and another for videoconferencing, says Patently Apple.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Apple is having a busy week, not just with its iPad Mini event, but with a slew of new patent wins.

The company recorded 34 patent awards from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today, as counted by Patently Apple.

One patent, dubbed "Content abstraction presentation along a multidimensional path," ventures into technical territory, as the name alone implies. But the patent apparently ties into Apple TV by talking about digital video and audio players that can play stored content, browse recorded content, and save different types of content chosen by the user.

"These various functions can often be grouped according to content types, e.g., movies, music, television programs, photos, etc.," the patent explained. "The functions can then be accessed through various user interfaces that are typically arranged in a hierarchal manner, having a 'root' or 'home' user interface at the top of the hierarchy, from which the various context-dependent user interfaces are accessible."

Another patent known as "Generating a three-dimensional model using a portable electronic device recording" refers to 3D apps on a mobile device such as the iPhone. Users would be able to record a video of a three-dimensional object and then view that video in 3D on the mobile device.

A third patent called "Video communication systems and methods" relates to Apple's iChat videoconferencing, according to Patently Apple. The patent points to a way to remove the background image in a video stream and replace it with a different background.

Other patents popping up today include one related to LTE; another for Apple's Cover Flow feature that displays album art; and a third for face detection.

The full list of Apple's newly won patents can be found at the bottom of Patently Apple's story.