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Apple walks latest Cyberdog

The company posts the latest version of its Net access software.

Apple Computer (AAPL) today released a new version of its Cyberdog Net software.

The Cyberdog 2.0 suite of Internet software is now posted to Apple's Web site for free download. It is scheduled to roll out commercially in release 8 of the Macintosh operating system sometime this summer.

The Internet suite includes a Web browser, FTP client, and an email and news reader, plus DocBuilder for customizing "dashboards" that access the Internet and corporate intranets. DocBuilder is part of Apple's OpenDoc family of software that lets users mix and match functions within a document container.

Enhancements to the software, first released one year ago, include email support for hyperlinks and graphics, and the ability to handle more than one email account on the same desktop. Internet links can also be stored in the user's local or network files, folders, and notebooks.

The company said Cyberdog 2.0 can support Netscape plug-ins. Apple has already said it will bundle Netscape Communications' browser software with the next version of the Mac OS.