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Apple updates Podcasts, Find My iPhone apps

The Podcasts app offers an improved layout, while Find My iPhone sports an iOS 7-inspired design.

Apple's Podcasts app.
Apple's Podcasts app.
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple has refreshed a couple of its core apps to get them on board the iOS 7 bandwagon.

Released on Tuesday, Podcasts version 2 has a new paint job and fonts that take on the simple style found in iOS 7. The app also has rejiggered some features. For instance, the Podcasts Store now can be found in the Featured tab, and Search has its own tab to allow you to find your favorite podcasts.

Moreover, the Top Charts window now displays a simple list of podcasts separated by audio and video. You can organize and view your stations either by episode or by overall podcast.

The app will download new episodes automatically even when it's not open, and you can control how frequently it checks for those episodes. Finally, you can tap into iCloud to keep your podcasts in sync across iTunes and Apple TV.

Also released on Tuesday, Find My iPhone version 3 has been stylized to catch up with the look of iOS 7, but it doesn't offer any new features. Find My iPhone is an app that allows you to locate a missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac using another Apple device.