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Apple updates iTunes with new Composers view

Yesterday's update to iTunes was a minor one but provides a new way to view your music by composers.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple's latest iTunes update mostly offers bug fixes and performance enhancements but throws in one new feature.

Released yesterday afternoon, iTunes 11.0.2 adds a new Composers view by which you can sort and see your music. After applying the update, open the Preferences window in iTunes. In the Views section, click on the checkbox to Show Composers and then close the Preferences window.

You'll see a new option at the top of your music library for Composers. Click on that option, and you'll be able to select the names of different composers to see just their songs. That may not sound too exciting, but it could prove handy as yet another way to sort your music.

The update also improves response time when you sync your playlists with a huge number of songs. It fixes a bug which may have caused certain purchases to not appear in your iTunes library. And Apple promises various unnamed improvements to stability and performance.

As always, you can apply the update directly through iTunes or download it as a fresh install from its support page.