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Apple TV gets content boost with Crackle, Watch ABC

The set-top box has slowly but surely increased its programming over the last several months, and now even more content has been added.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Apple has been bulking up its content lineup on the Apple TV, and Wednesday, the company announced still more updates.

The set-top box now features access to Bloomberg TV and ABC Network's Watch ABC. Bloomberg's app features live business and finance news, while Watch ABC provides on-demand and live programming in select cities. Crackle, the increasingly popular repository for movies and television shows, also has made its way to the Apple TV.

Apple has been on a tear this year adding new apps. This year alone, the set-top box's users have see HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Watch ESPN, and Major League Soccer apps come to the platform. Earlier this week, reports surfaced saying that Time Warner Cable might also bring a TV app to the platform.

In addition to the three updates on Wednesday, the Apple TV now offers access to live Korean television through the KORTV network.