Apple to offer in-store iPhone repairs, says report

Apple store employees will be able to replace the screen, camera, speakers, and other parts while you wait, says 9to5Mac.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
Apple may soon offer in-store repairs for the newest iPhones.
Apple may soon offer in-store repairs for the newest iPhones. Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive

Break the touch screen on your iPhone and your local Apple Store may soon be able to replace just the screen rather than charge you for a whole new phone.

Apple is prepping its stores to repair and replace parts for the iPhone 5S and 5C, "sources with knowledge of the upcoming initiative" told 9to5Mac. This means that damaged iPhones won't necessarily need to be turned in for an entirely new unit.

The initiative will cover several components, according to the sources, including the screen, the rear camera, the volume buttons, the motor, the speaker system, and the 5C's conventional (non-Touch ID) home button. Special calibration equipment will be provided to the stores to allow employees to replace the touch screen.

Users covered by an AppleCare warranty can get the parts replaced or repaired for free. Other owners will have to shell out some cash. Replacing the touch screen will cost $149. A new battery will run $79. And a new home button for the iPhone 5C will cost $29.

But those expenses are minimal compared with the cost of buying a brand new phone to replace a damaged unit. Replacing a single component also means that users can keep the same phone, eliminating the need to back up and restore their data. And since the repairs are done on site, people can simply wait for their phone to be revived back to working condition.

CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story with any further information.