Apple to do time quickly

Apple announces it is working with Macromedia and several other companies to bring QuickTime to the Windows platform.

CNET News staff
Apple Computer announced it is working with Macromedia and several other companies to bring the QuickTime APIs (application programming interfaces) to the Windows platform.

By bringing the full feature set of QuickTime to the Windows platform, developers will be able to create their content once on either a Macintosh or Windows-based system, and deliver that same content across multiple platforms without having to run separate development efforts.

"This QuickTime development project marks the first step in Apple's plans to move all of its core interactive multimedia technologies--something we call the QuickTime Media Layer--to key industry operating systems such as Windows, OS/2, and Unix," Marco Landi, Apple's chief operating officer, said in a prepared statement.

QuickTime currently supports video, sound, graphics, animation, text, music, and motion picture file standards such as MPEG, enabling these multiple media types to be synchronized and distributed in broadcast quality.

Apple said it will begin beta testing in late fall.

Apple will collaborate with Macromedia, the Media 100 group of Marlboro, Massachusetts-based Data Translation, and Truevision to implement the complete set of features of QuickTime API to work on Windows 95 and NT systems.