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Apple: The iPad Mini has stereo speakers

An Amazon chart comparing the Kindle Fire HD with the iPad Mini claims that Apple's small tablet has just a single speaker, but a photo clearly shows otherwise.

A photo of the iPad Mini shows two speakers.
A photo of the iPad Mini shows two speakers.
screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple's new iPad Mini does have two stereo speakers, despite Amazon's attempt to fudge the facts.

On Sunday, the retail giant unveiled a comparison chart on its home page pitting its own Kindle Fire HD against Apple's iPad Mini. With all the stats stacked in favor of the Kindle, Amazon said that its tablet offers dual stereo speakers while the iPad Mini is stuck with just mono sound.

Though Amazon has since taken down the chart from its home page, another chart contrasting the two 7-inch rivals now says the iPad Mini has a single speaker.

But the iPad Mini's product page and confirmation from Apple seem to have shot down Amazon's claims.

Apple's iPad Mini specs simply list a built-in speaker. However, a photo of the bottom of the tablet clearly shows two speakers, one on each side of the Lightning connector.

Responding to a 9to5Mac reader confused by the lack of specificity, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller reportedly said that the tablet does indeed offer stereo speakers. Joshua Topolsky from the Verge said he also received the same confirmation from Apple.

The iPad Mini is the first iPad to offer dual stereo speakers. Even the new fourth generation model comes with just a single speaker.

CNET contacted Apple and Amazon for comment and will update the story if we receive any information.

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