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Apple snagged 20 percent of its iPhone buyers from Android

The iPhone maker also captured three times as many customers from Samsung as Samsung did from Apple, says a new report from CIRP.


Apple seems to be doing a good job at wooing customers away from other mobile platforms, at least according to a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

In a report covered Monday by Fortune, the market research firm found that 20 percent of Apple iPhone buyers between July 2012 and June 2013 jumped ship from an Android phone. Drilling down further, only 7 percent of Samsung smartphone buyers switched from an iPhone.

Among those who chose a different platform, Apple snared three times as many customers from Samsung (33 percent) as Samsung did from Apple (11 percent). Among total iPhone buyers, a full 42 percent of them upgraded from a previous model iPhone.

Samsung also proved adept at capturing first-time smartphone buyers and those from other Android vendors. Among smartphone buyers who upgraded from a feature phone, Samsung grabbed 37 percent, while Apple won just 26 percent.

Further, a full 43 percent of Samsung buyers had already owned an Android phone, but not necessarily a model made by Samsung. Samsung lured more customers from HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, while Apple snared more from BlackBerry.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners culled its data from four quarterly surveys of smartphone buyers conducted from July 2012 to June 2013. Each survey reached 500 people who had bought a mobile phone during the prior 90 days.