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Apple slapped with Russian Railways trademark suit

The Russian company alleges trademark infringement in Apple's online store.

Russian Railways has sued Apple for alleged trademark infringement over the use of images in its online store.

It's not entirely clear what Russian Railways is alleging, with its press release simply saying it concerns infringement of the company's trademark No. 341333.

Here's the full release from Russian Railways (translated by Google):

Clarification of the lawsuit JSC "Russian Railways" company to Apple Inc.

JSC "Russian Railways" to the Arbitration Court of Moscow with a claim concerning infringement of the exclusive right to the trademark under the certificate No. 341333 by Apple Inc. We are talking about the use of the trademark of "Russian Railways" in the online store Apple Store by posting pictures.

The Company intends to continue to protect its intellectual property, especially as the decision of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the trademark [is] recognized as well known in the Russian Federation.

This isn't the first time Apple has faced suits over its use of images in its various products. The company recently reached a settlement with Swiss Federal Railway service over the use of its clock image on devices like the iPad and iPhone.

We have contacted Apple and Russian Railways and will update the report when we hear back.

(Via TechCrunch)