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Apple revamps services status tool amid recent outages

Apple has rolled out a new way to track what's working and what isn't with a new status page for iCloud, iTunes, and other services.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
Apple's new status page. CNET

Apple has revamped its online status page to include more detailed information on what's working and what isn't, following a number of recent outages of its Web-powered services.

The new page (pictured above) breaks down Apple's services, online stores, and specific features within iCloud. Also included is a "detailed timeline" which shows you a full day's worth of activity, and a rundown of any outages or issues with specific services.

The system replaces one Apple used specifically for iCloud features, which showed checkboxes next to items that had been fixed. The newer system uses green squares and orangered triangles next to each individual service to indicate their status.

The old system.
The old system. CNET

The changes come after a series of disruptions to various Apple services during the past several months, which left some of Apple's services like iTunes Match and iMessage, not working for large groups of users. Apple received a fair amount of criticism over the uptime of those services, as well as its tools for monitoring the status.

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