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Apple restores developer site after weeks-long outage

Many tools for iOS and Mac OS X developers had become inaccessible starting in the middle of July in the wake of a security intrusion.


After a three-week absence, Apple's developer site has been restored to working order.

Apple had said last Monday that it was just days away from restoring the remaining down services at the site, which was taken down on July 18, following what Apple described as a security intrusion. While it acknowledged that there was unauthorized access to some developer information, Apple said the site was "not associated with any customer information."

The outage left countless developers in the lurch, unable to equip new devices to run prerelease versions of Apple's software or test out new apps. The downtime also came as Apple is pushing developers to test and create software for upcoming versions of iOS and Mac OS X, both of which are expected in the fall.

Apple began to bring back many key services on July 26, after more than a week of downtime. Among those services were the developer sites for iOS, Mac, and Safari development, alongside downloads for upcoming versions of Apple's desktop and mobile software.

Some of the last services restored included tools to let people sign up and renew subscriptions to its annual paid developer programs.