Apple puts up iPhone Web app directory

Directory includes a Facebook application, a few games and a couple of other applications that probably won't please everyone looking for more application choices.

Tom Krazit
Tom Krazit Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Apple has put together a list of 204 Web-based applications for the iPhone in hopes of giving hacking-averse users some additional options for their phones.

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The list, spotted by Daring Fireball, highlights a Facebook Web app as a "staff pick" by Apple. During Steve Jobs' presentation to Apple's developers in June, he also called out a Facebook application as an example of all the things developers can create without native access to the iPhone.

Roami's iTunes controller Apple

For most iPhone users, this list will satisfy the itch for additional utilities on their phones. For example, they'll be able to order movie tickets from Fandango, dictate thoughts to be recorded as text via an application called reQall, and remotely control the iTunes library with an iPhone or iPod Touch through the Roami application. But I get the feeling a few were added to pad the list, such as the Tip Calculator for iPhone (which already has a calculator on the home screen); The Wheel, for calculating "a baby's due date and the baby's gestational age anytime during pregnancy," and Coin Flip, which, well, flips a coin.

To be fair, most of the Web applications on the list seem pretty useful. However, it's not the same as having native applications written for the device, which we'll probably see up and running again soon now that the iPhone has been hacked once again. One day, we might do everything through a Web browser, but today is not that day, and the EDGE network is not that network.