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Apple now shipping Lightning to 30-pin adapters

The new adapters are finally wending their way toward customers, according to reports from MacRumors readers.

Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter.
Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter.

iPhone 5 owners who ordered one of the new Lightning to 30-pin adapters may soon have one in hand.

Apple has just starting shipping the adapter, say MacRumors readers who received e-mail notices from the company. The users chiming in so far all appear to be from Australia, but presumably buyers in other countries will be on the shipping list as well.

Apple's accessories page shows the adapter as available to ship in October, while one MacRumors reader said the e-mail notice pointed to a delivery day of October 9.

The new adapter is a requirement for iPhone 5 users who want to connect their phones to devices that use the standard 30-pin interface. The adapter comes in two flavors - a small $29 stub version and a $39 7-inch cable.

CNET contacted Apple for confirmation and will update the story when the company responds.