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Apple names top apps, games of 2012

Apple's named what it thinks are the top apps, games and other bits of media content on iTunes as part of its annual collection.

Apple has once again named its top picks for software released on its various application stores.

Formerly dubbed iTunes Rewind, Apple's gone back to a simple "Best of" header, with editorial choices from the App Store for iOS and OS X.

Taking top honors for the iPhone was Bad Robot's Action Movie FX, the software that adds computer generated action sequences to video you've shot on your iPhone or iPad. The software actually came out last December, though its developers put out version 2.0 this October. Meanwhile, Ubisoft's $2.99 Rayman Jungle Run nabbed game of the year honors from Apple.

For the iPad, Apple picked Paper, the drawing application by FiftyThree. The free app made waves after its March debut not just for its pretty UI, but also charging users to unlock extra tools, including extra brushes. Apple picked Fireproof Games' puzzler The Room as its game of the year for iPad.

Rounding out the list on the Mac was Day One, the paid journaling software, which like Action Movie FX, was also released in 2011. On the games side, Apple handed top honors over to Dues Ex: Human Rvolution - Ultimate Edition, a piece of software Apple also awarded with a design honor as part of its Mac Developer Showcase at WWDC in June.


Along with apps and games, Apple's also listed its picks for other types of content like music, movies, TV shows, books and Podcasts. The full listing can be viewed from within iTunes here.

Apple has maintained its "best of" collections on iTunes for years, though formerly went with highlighting the best-selling music tracks over providing editorial choices. The company later began offering up some of its own picks as its branched out from music.

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