Apple launching mobile Web version of online store?

The company is said to be working on a project to create a mobile Web-based edition of its online store, according to 9To5Mac.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

Apple is reportedly looking to launch a mobile Web-based store that promises to be more user-friendly than the current Apple Store app, according to a story today from 9To5Mac.

Citing information from a "proven source," 9To5Mac says the new store would "mimic" the Apple Store App but would be simpler and more accessible and let online shoppers more easily download software and buy other Apple products on the go. The new store would be accessed directly through mobile Safari.

The tech news site says it's watched Apple put this project on hold and retool it over the past few months but now seems on track to complete it and launch the new online store sometime in 2012.

The current Apple Store app tries to replicate the experience in a physical Apple Store, letting people search for, browse, and buy an array of products from Macs to iPhones to iPads to iPods. Users can also find details on their nearest Apple retail store to reserve a product, register for a workshop or other event, and make an appointment for a checkup with the folks at the Genius Bar.

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9To5Mac doesn't know if the Apple Store app would be kept as is or actually replaced by the new online store.