Apple kicks down the Black Friday door

You'll have to wait for Friday to see details on the deals, but Apple says it will join the retailer stampede on the highest of shopping holidays.

Kent German
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Apple has deals in the works for Black Friday.

CNET/Screenshot by Kent German

Attention internet shoppers: Apple is joining the Black Friday fray this week with a one-day shopping event.

Announcing the event via a promotional webpage visible on its US, UK and Australian sites, the company says "Friday can't come soon enough." The page teases no specifics on deals -- not even the smallest hint -- but invites shoppers to "come back this Friday to tick (or "check" if you're on the US site) everyone off your list." Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Online buyers will get free two-day delivery on in-stock items, the page says. And if you'd rather shop offline, Apple retail stores in the three countries will be open for extended hours.

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