Apple issues QuickTime update for new MacBooks

New copy-protection technology added to Apple's new MacBooks was incorrectly preventing standard-definition iTunes movies from playing on older projectors.

Tom Krazit Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Tom Krazit

Apple rolled out a QuickTime update Tuesday night that should alleviate some of the concern over the addition of some copy-protection technology to the new MacBooks.

Apple customers who bought one of the company's new MacBooks or MacBook Pros introduced in October were annoyed to discover that the Mini DisplayPort on those systems uses a copy-protection technology called HDCP. That technology is supposed to prevent those owners from playing HD movies purchased from the iTunes store on external projectors that don't also support HDCP technology. But several owners reported that standard-definition movies were also declared off-limits by their new systems.

The QuickTime update should allow standard-definition movies obtained from Apple to play on those older projectors, but HD movies will still need an HDCP-compliant projector to be shown anywhere but the laptop screen. The update hasn't shown up on Apple's site yet, but it should be popping up in Software Update if you own one of the new systems, according to AppleInsider.