Apple is helping launch a $200 million fund to restore forests

The tech giant will join Conservation International and Goldman Sachs in attempting to remove 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.

David Priest Former editor
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David Priest

Apple has announced a partnership with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs to launch a $200 million fund aimed at restoring forests and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Apple projects that they will be able to remove 1 million metric tons of CO2 from the air each year.

This announcement comes as part of Apple's 10-year timeline to become carbon neutral by 2030.

"Investing in nature can remove carbon far more effectively — and much sooner — than any other current technology," said the CEO of Conservation International, M. Sanjayan. "As the world faces the global threat climate change presents, we need innovative new approaches that can dramatically reduce emissions."

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