Apple iOS users hit by online access glitches

Some Apple users ran into trouble today trying to access their iCloud accounts or create new IDs, according to Apple's status page and griping users.

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Lance Whitney
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Apple iOS users bumped into some trouble with several online services today.

Updates on Apple's status page this morning revealed that users might get an error when signing into their iCloud accounts or creating new accounts.

Users may incorrectly receive an authentication error when attempting to use iCloud. Setting up a new iCloud account from an eligible device may be temporarily unavailable.

Additionally, some people were unable to create new Apple IDs or sign into the Game Center app. Some iTunes users had been unable to access the iTunes store or make purchases, but Apple's status page indicates that problem was resolved at 6:32 a.m. PT.

The problems overall were cleared up by about 1 p.m. PT, when Apple's status page once again showed all services functioning normally.

In all of these cases, the problems surfaced around 4:20 a.m. PT today and affected only some users, according to Apple. However, it's unclear just how many people "some users" represents. As usual, many of those affected have taken to Twitter to express their frustration over what some reports are calling a global outage.

Apple's online services have suffered their share of outages in the past.

On April 9 of this year, iMessage and FaceTime were both down throughout the day. On February 28, iCloud was taken down by an early morning outage. On February 21, Apple's App Store, iTunes, iCloud, and the Mac App Store were inaccessible to some users for several hours. And last September, iCloud was unavailable to a small number of users for several days.

Last December, Apple beefed up its status page specifically to provide more details in the event of service outages.

Update 1:02 p.m. PT: Added that Apple's status page again shows normal functioning for all the affected services.