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Apple gives iTunes-in-the-cloud features to more of Europe

Eleven more European countries now have the option to re-download movies they already purchased through iTunes.

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs announces iTunes in the Cloud at WWDC 2011.
Donald Bell/CNET

Nearly a dozen European countries now have access to a key iTunes feature that lets users re-download purchased video content.

iTunes users in 11 countries, including France, Sweden, and Belgium, can now view and re-download movies they bought from Apple. Previously, users in those countries would have needed to back up that file in the event that the device it was on was damaged or stolen.

The full list of countries in this latest batch (per The Next Web) includes Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. France was reportedly the only one to get re-downloads of purchased TV shows as part of the rollout too.

Besides video content like movies and TV shows, the feature also works with music, music videos, apps, and books -- all purchased through Apple's various digital stores. Apple maintains a list of countries that can use the feature, which remains unavailable for many when it comes to music, TV shows, and movies, which are tied to deals Apple has made with studios.

The expansion is the latest for Apple, which introduced the feature alongside iCloud at its annual developers conference in June 2011. Apple's last big rollout of it outside the U.S. was last July, which brought movies to the U.K., Canada, and about 35 other countries.