Apple: From giveaways to must-pays

roundup The company seeks to recoup software dollars by charging for formerly free downloads, such as iMovie and iPhoto. Also: A less-expensive iPod and Office 2004.

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Twenty years after the introduction of the Mac, Apple plays host to the Mac community's annual gathering in San Francisco.

Jobs unveils smaller, cheaper iPod
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer
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Jobs: Make your own GarageBand music
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer
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Apple drinks its own juice
reporter's notebook Normally reluctant to discuss even what is served in the company cafeteria, secretive Apple Computer on Thursday offered a sneak peek into its data center.
Jan. 8, 2004

Apple seeks dollars in former freebies
The decision to stop giving away downloads of iMovie and iPhoto is part of the company's attempt to recoup money it invests in software for the Mac--and to use it for new development.
Jan. 8, 2004

HP, Apple harmonize on iPod
The companies announce a deal under which Hewlett-Packard will start selling an HP-branded version of Apple Computer's iPod this summer.
Jan. 8, 2004

Continuing a modest move into clusters
Though it's not known as a high-performance computer company, Apple saw a cluster of Macs make a surprise leap into the upper reaches of the supercomputing realm last year. Its ambitions, however, remain humble.
Jan. 7, 2004

Hitachi hard drive at heart of new iPod
Apple Computer gives the Japanese giant the nod. The 4GB drive, which measures 1 inch across, marks Hitachi's second major contract in the music player field.
Jan. 6, 2004

Apple unveils smaller iPod, new software
Macworld Expo kicks off in San Francisco with Apple introducing a smaller iPod music player, a new video-editing application and an updated version of Microsoft's Office.
Jan. 6, 2004

Microsoft readies new Mac Office
Signaling its continuing interest in the Apple market, the software giant says a new version of Office for the Mac is on the way--and another is already in the works.
Jan. 6, 2004

Gear makers get jump on Macworld
Although there are hours to go before Steve Jobs mounts the Macworld Expo podium, companies are already pulling the wraps off new Apple-flavored products.
Jan. 5, 2004

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Apple preps for Macworld harvest
Steve Jobs is set to take the stage at Macworld Expo to tempt the Mac-faithful with new wares. A good deal of his keynote speech is likely to focus on software.
Jan. 5, 2004

Will protesters upset the Apple cart?
Rumor is that frustrated owners of Apple iBooks are planning to hang up on customer service and take their complaints to the streets.
Dec. 31, 2003

Would $100 iPod compete or cannibalize?
With speculation rife that Apple will unveil a $100 music player at Macworld Expo, analysts are split on the likelihood--and wisdom--of such a move.
Dec. 30, 2003