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Apple fixes download bug for iPhone OS 3.1.3 users

iPhone and iPod Touch users running OS 3.1.3 are now able to download new apps from the App Store following a recent glitch.

iPhone OS 3.1.3 users are once again able to download new apps.
iPhone OS 3.1.3 users are reporting a fix.

iPhone owners still using OS 3.1.3 can once again install new apps from the App Store.

Users running the older OS reported on Apple's Support Communities over the past week that they were unable to download and install new apps directly onto their iPhone and iPod Touch devices, though they could update existing apps and sync new apps from iTunes. The glitch seemed specific to OS 3.1.3, though some iPhone 4S users with iOS 5 reported a similar problem.

As of yesterday afternoon, forum users started chiming in that the download bug had been squashed.

"Yes, it is true, after near one week after, the AppStore works again in our 'old' iOS3 devices," posted one commenter.

"I really think that our insistence and devotion of some, benefited to our cause. Thank to Apple to finally decide to correct this bug," wrote another.

A few people noted that some issues persist with OS 3.1.3, such as the Update button still not working, but the overall app download process seems to be up and running again.

The cause of the problem and its resolution remain a mystery. CNET contacted Apple yesterday and again today for comment, but so far the company has not responded with specific details.