Apple eyes LG as panel supplier for rumored TV, report says

AU Optronics and Sharp may also be potential candidates to supply panels for an Apple television, says DigiTimes.

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Apple's current set-top box
Apple's current set-top box CNET

Apple could tap into LG Display for the panels for its much-rumored television, at least according to the latest scuttlebutt uncovered by DigiTimes.

Rumors have popped up that Apple is interested in buying 55-inch and 65-inch ultra HD TV panels from LG, DigiTimes said on Thursday. But LG hasn't won the deal just yet. Apple is reportedly still checking out the technology and hasn't actually finalized any orders.

Apple is also chatting with Taiwan-based AU Optronics about producing the panels, according to DigiTimes, while Sharp is on the list of potential suppliers as well.

DigiTimes does have a hit-and-miss record at ferreting out items that prove to be accurate. And the Taiwan-based site even chalks all of this up as rumors. But if Apple is lining up suppliers for its own TV, LG would certainly be at the top of list, especially since Apple wants to reduce its dependence on archrival Samsung.