Apple devices said to get free in-flight movies on United

The airlines is reportedly getting ready to debut an Apple-only entertainment service that will let users access more than 150 movies and 200 TV shows while up in the air.

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Dara Kerr
United Airline's iOS app. United Airlines

Word has it that iPhone, iPad, and Mac users will soon get to access more than 150 movies and about 200 TV shows for free when flying on United Airlines, according to Patently Apple.

Come April, the airlines is said to be rolling out an update to its iOS app that will come with the added feature of an in-flight movie service. To get the purported service, users must be running iOS 7. For those with Macs, Patently Apple reports that no app is necessary to get the in-flight service.

The movie service is said to only be available for Apple devices for now. It's unclear if Android or other operating systems could get the service.

Initially, the in-flight entertainment is said to only be available on a select few aircrafts, but then may spread across United's fleet.

"Most planes will be equipped with the new system very soon, and we'll have it installed on most domestic aircraft by the end of 2014," United said, according to Patently Apple. "We'll begin on Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 747-400 and select 777-200 aircraft, followed by additional fleets."

United isn't the only airline reportedly looking to debut personal in-flight entertainment. Lufthansa is also said to be planning to beam in-flight movies to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices via its BoardConnect entertainment system. And, Southwest currently offers similar entertainment services via Wi-Fi -- but for a fee.

CNET contacted United for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.