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Apple confirms bug

Apple confirms "Sherlock" bug as it works on a revision of the software.

Apple Computer has confirmed a bug in its Sherlock search software.

According to the Cupertino, California, company, Sherlock does "have a limitation that may prevent it from working with some...proxy servers." As previously reported, the issue is limited to newer proxy servers that are "HTTP 1.1" compliant, Apple said on its technical support Web site.

A workaround is not currently available to fix this bug, but Apple did say it is working on a revised version of Sherlock technology that would provide a fix.

Sherlock is new feature of Mac OS 8.5 that searches hard disk drive files as well as several different Internet search engines, such as Excite and HotBot, simultaneously. Besides conducting multiple searches, Sherlock can summarize findings without opening up the Web pages, saving download time.

Those who have tried out the feature, however, assert that problems appear to crop up when their connection passes through a proxy server. The problem prevents users from getting search results.

The types of users experiencing these problems are found mostly in businesses because companies often replicate frequently used Web pages on a local server to improve security and access speed. Fewer home users would encounter such problems because their service providers typically aren't hosting content on local servers.

Additionally, not all types of proxy servers are affected.

Apple has not yet confirmed a separate MacOS 8.5 glitch, "data loss" bug, nor supplied a fix for the problem. The problem is more limited in scope, but has exhibited a range of symptoms, according to various user reports.