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Wanna do lunch with Apple's CEO? Bring money

Apple is auctioning off a lunch date with Tim Cook, and donating the proceeds -- expected to be enormous -- to charity.


Apple CEO Tim Cook is an expensive date.

But if you have roughly $100,000 or more to bid on a lunch date, you could ask Cook anything. The auction is part of a fundraiser to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization. Bidding is currently open, and host site Charitybuzz gives the lunch an estimated value of $100,000. The current highest bid was $79,888 at the time of writing.

So why the high price tag? The lucky bidder will get a chance to pick the brain of one of the most influential people at one of the most prominent companies in the world, from the future of tech to upcoming products (I've got a few questions about the iPhone 8).

Besides that, the winner will be able to check out Apple Park, Apple's brand new futuristic campus in Cupertino, California. Conceived by Apple's late cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs, the campus, which is sometimes called the "Apple spaceship," was supposed to open to employees in April. Recent drone footage shows that the campus is still under construction.

The auction closes on May 16, which gives plenty of time for more bids to come in. The lunch will only last an hour, but the meal is included in the winning bid -- a small concession for spending thousands. The winner will also be able to bring one guest to share the experience and will have until December 15 to redeem the prize.

In 2013, a similar auction for a date with Tim Cook went for $610,000 -- and that was just for coffee. By that standard the current bid seems like a steal. Just remember, it's for a good cause.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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