Apple can replace broken iPhone 5 screens in the store, says report

iPhone 5 displays could be replaced by new ones right in the store, says Apple blog site iMore.

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An inside look at the iPhone 5.
An inside look at the iPhone 5. iFixit

iPhone 5 users who suffer a broken or scratched screen may be able to get a replacement directly in the store, according to a report from iMore.

Citing "sources within Apple retail," the blog site said that the equipment used to replace iPhone screens has started showing up in the stores themselves. This move means that Apple store reps could outfit an iPhone 5 with a new screen on the spot rather than switching the entire phone for a new or refurbished model.

The screen swap-out process for the new iPhone would match that of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, iMore added. All three models use a single front that houses the LCD panel, glass surface, and the touch sensor, making it easy to replace. In contrast, the screens on the iPhone 4S and 4 are trickier to swap out since the front assembly can't be removed as easily.

After tearing down the new iPhone, iFixit dubbed the iPhone 5 "the most repairable iPhone we've seen in a while." Of course, with any luck most new iPhone buyers won't be in need of repair services just yet.

Users who want some extra insurance against damage can consider Apple's $99 AppleCare service. AppleCare for the iPhone extends the usual repair coverage to two years from date of purchase and covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. But each incident will cost you a $49 service fee.

CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story if we receive more information.

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