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Apple by the numbers: 35B apps downloaded, 100M iPads sold

CEO Tim Cook and other execs offered up plenty of stats at today's event in San Jose, Calif. Here are the key ones.

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Apple Tim Cook at today's event. CNET/James Martin
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CEO Tim Cook kicked off today's iPad Mini event by offering up a range of big numbers and milestones. Below are some key numbers, and here is CNET's full coverage of the event.

Sales of new iPod Touch: More than 3 million.

iOS 6: 200 million devices running iOS 6 -- Cook says the fastest software adoption rate in history that he knows of.

iMessages sent: 300 billion; people sending 28,000 messages per second.

Apps downloads: 35 billion.

Game Center accounts: 16 million.

Shares iPhoto streams: 70 million photos shared.

iPad Apps: App store now 700,000 apps, with 275,000 iPad apps, and 35 billion apps downloaded.

Cash to developers: Cook says Apple has paid $6.5 billion to developers.

Books downloaded from iBooks: 400 million.

13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display: 0.75-inches thick, 20 percent thinner than earlier model; 3.75 pounds; 29% higher contrast ratio; 74% reduced reflection.

MacBook lineup. CNET/James Martin

iPad sales: 100 million sold in just two and a half years.

CNET/James Martin
iPads in schools: 2,500 U.S. classrooms with iBooks textbooks.

iPads in businesses: 94% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad.

iPad Mini specs: 7.9-inch screen; 7.2mm thick, which is 23 percent thinner than fourth-generation iPad. "Thin as a pencil," says Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president.

Apple's Phil Schiller showing the iPad Mini. CNET/James Martin

iPad Mini display resolution: 1,024x768, which is the same as iPad 2.

iPad Mini on the inside: Dual-core A5 processor, same as iPod Touch fifth-gen.

iPad Mini battery life: Up to 10 hours of battery life, same as fourth-generation iPad.

Display details: When browsing it's 49 percent larger in portrait, and 67 percent larger in landscape mode.

iPad Mini's camera: 5-megapixel iSight camera on the back.

The iPad Mini's camera. CNET/James Martin

iPad prices: $329 for 16GB version, 32GB for $429, and 64GB at $529. Cellular at $459, $559, and $659.

iPad prices CNET/James Martin

iPad fourth-generation performance: 2x the performance of CPU tasks versus the third-gen's A5X processor. Also 2x in graphics processing; 2x faster Wi-Fi.

iPad fourth-generation price: Same as third-generation, starting at $499 for 16GB.

Apple's fourth-generation iPad. CNET/James Martin

New iMac size: 5mm edge on the side; 80 percent thinner than last generation; two sizes: 21.5 inch at 1,920x1,080 or 27-inch at 2,560x1,440.

iMac price: Starts at $1,299; 27-inch iMac with 2.9GHz quad-core i5 ships for $1,799.

New iMac CNET/James Martin