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Apple by the numbers: 140 billion apps downloaded, half a million games in app store

CEO Tim Cook says the tech giant's App Store has forever changed the world of software and forever changed our lives.

Apple CEO Tim Cook loves numbers.

During Apple's iPhone 7 event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Cook said more than 140 billion apps have been downloaded from the tech giant's app store. That's up 10 billion from the previous update in June.

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"The App Store has forever changed the world of software and forever has changed all of our lives," said Cook, adding that the number of downloads is up more than 100 percent year-over-year.

"It is phenomenal, and the growth is literally off the charts," he said.

Cook said gaming is the most popular category in the app store, with over half a million games to choose from. He also introduced Shigeru Miyamoto, chief game designer at Nintendo, and they announced a new game for the app store, Super Mario Run.


Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Run video game will soon be available on Apple devices.

James Martin/CNET

The game will be available in time for the holidays.

"The combination of our incredible products and the success of the App Store have made the iPhone and the iPad the most popular gaming devices in the world," Cook said.

Additionally, Apple said its music service, called Apple Music, has 17 million subscribers and posted 30 million songs and 70 exclusive releases from artists including Taylor Swift, Drake, Frank Ocean and Blake Shelton.

"Apple Music has content that no one else has," Cook said. "Apple Music has become the premiere destination for new artists and existing artists to launch their exclusive music."

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