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Apple breaks $30-per-share mark

The beleaguered computer maker's stock passed the $30 barrier and once again hit a 52-week high yesterday, before retreating slightly in early trading today.

Yesterday, for the first time in two years, Apple Computer's stock broke the $30 barrier. With the shares closing at $30.31, it was the second time this week that the company has hit a 52-week high.

In today's trading, Apple dipped slightly, falling 0.13, to 30.19, just under its new 52-week high.

Apple's rise yesterday came amid a number of positive developments for the computer maker. Chief among them was the debut of the company's new "iMac," a souped-up desktop system that comes at the attractive price of $1,299. (See related story)

Also, Intuit announced Tuesday that it was reversing its earlier decision not to write a Mac version of its popular financial software, Quicken.

Apple's jump came as the overall market dropped just slightly. The Dow Jones lost just under 93 points yesterday, to close at 9,054, while the Nasdaq lost 8 points, to close at 1,856.

Apple recently posted profits of $55 million for the second quarter of 1998, a figure that more than doubled analysts' expectations.

Apple shares have traded as high as 30.44 and as low as 12.75 during the past year.