Apple-Adobe rancor to result in lawsuit?

Sources tell IT World that Adobe is gearing up to sue Apple as the bad blood over Flash heads toward the boiling point.

Adam Frucci Special to CNET News
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This whole Apple-Adobe spat is about to get a lot uglier, according to IT World. Their sources say Adobe Systems is prepping for a major lawsuit against Apple in the coming weeks.

The updated SDK that was released with the iPhone 4 dev kit seems to be the last straw, with its new rules banning apps converted from Flash (and Microsoft Silverlight).

Apple's argument for banning both web-based Flash and apps converted from Flash are similar: they both hurt performance of the iPad/iPhone. And they're right, in many cases! But developers are not psyched about being forced to write all iPhone/iPad apps in Objective C if they prefer making apps in other ways.

Whether or not Adobe has a leg to stand on here has yet to be seen. If and when the suit drops, we'll be able to look at it closely to see just what they're accusing Apple of and what outcome they're looking for. [IT World via Slashdot]

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