Apple adds 'download later' option for iTunes purchases

For those trying to buy large sets of music, movies, or TV shows, Apple now offers an option to download them at a later time with iTunes via the cloud.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

iTunes users seeking a full TV season or box set of music can buy now and download later.

The new option is in place for an array of different items, including movies, music box sets, and full seasons of TV shows -- as well as individual shows.

Purchasing one of the above items now asks you if you want to download it immediately or later. Choosing the download later option adds the selected item to your iTunes account where you can stream it or download it in the future. The major benefit is that you can purchase a TV series or music box set on the go via a cellular connection and then download at home through Wi-Fi.

The option requires iTunes 11 on your computer and iOS 6 or higher on your mobile device. It also works only in countries where iTunes is available through the cloud.

(Via MacWorld)