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Apple added 8,000 retail employees in fiscal 2008

Company filing shows Apple hired around 11,000 people during its past fiscal year, and the vast majority went to work for its retail operation.

One of Apple's retail employees--who now has a lot more colleagues--helps a customer during the iPhone 3G launch.
James Martin/CNET News

Apple's retail operation doubled in size during 2008.

Todd Bishop's TechFlash noted a paragraph in Apple's 10-K annual filing released Wednesday that the company now employs 32,000 people on a full-time basis, up from 21,600 at this time last year. Almost 16,000 of those people work in Apple's retail segment, which now has 247 stores.

In last year's annual report, Apple said it had almost 8,000 people working in the retail group, which comprised 197 stores. During fiscal 2008, or the period ended in September, the retail segment accounted for $6.3 billion of the $32.4 billion in net sales Apple recorded for the year.

In other HR-related news, Apple disclosed that it will pay outgoing iPod executive Tony Fadell $300,000 in annual salary in his new role as a "special adviser." He'll also get 77,500 units of restricted stock that vest in March 2010 in exchange for 155,000 restricted stock units that had yet to vest.