AOL branding head steps out of spotlight

Jim Hu Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Jim Hu
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Jim Hu
AOL confirmed that Len Short, its head of brand marketing and point person for advertising agency relationships, will no longer play a day-to-day role at the company. Richard Taylor, AOL's senior vice president of brand advertising, will assume Short's responsibilities, reporting to AOL's chief marketing officer, Joe Redling.

Short oversaw AOL's sponsorship of the Super Bowl halftime show, which was marred by Janet Jackson's now-infamous breast-baring episode. An AOL representative, however, denied that Short's step-back in day-to-day operations had anything to do with the halftime debacle. Nevertheless, people inside AOL have been expecting Short's resignation ever since the online giant's estimated $10 million Super Bowl sponsorship was overshadowed by the Jackson controversy.