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Android co-founder Rich Miner heading up 'mysterious' Google education project

Miner tells Fortune the education project is "another big idea, but it will take time."

Android co-founder Rich Miner.
Candace Lombardi/CNET

What exactly is Google's new education project? No one really knows, but we do know who's in charge.

Android co-founder Rich Miner is leave GV, formerly know as Google Ventures, to head up the "mysterious" new edtech initiative within Google, reported Fortune on Thursday.

"I don't actually know exactly what we're building yet," Miner told Fortune. "Just like Android took us our years to get the first device out and I helped create WildFire 25 years ago as a voice-based personal assistant, which is just now starting to happen. This vision is another big idea, but it will take time."

GV confirmed that Miner is rejoining Google to work on a special project related to education, adding that he will remain on the boards of most of his GV portfolio companies but no long make investments.

The project will be part of Google, rather than a separate Alphabet company, because of the search giant's existing education assets, Miner told Fortune. While most of Miner's team will be based in Silicon Valley, Miner will remain in Cambridge, Massachusetts.